Wrinkle Creams vs. Topical Dermal Fillers

For those consumers who are looking for a solution to wrinkles and fine lines, there are a number of options out there to choose from.  A simple search on Google will produce thousands of wrinkle creams, age defying serums and even dermal fillers to use that can remedy the unsightly wrinkles we wish gone.  If expensive surgery is not an option for you, and injections and trips to the doctors are just not your style, then you are left with topical skin care products as your only viable options.  As  a consumer, it is our job to do the research necessary to decide which product is the right fit for our particular situation.  For some the solution is the long term treatment of a wrinkle cream, and for others it is a topical dermal filler.  For purposes of comparison, we thought we would break down the pros and cons of each here for you to review.

There is ONLY one serious dermal filler that you apply like a cream.

Wrinkle creams are the far more notable of the two.  Wrinkle creams have been making a serious impact on the skin care industry, especially over the past few years.  There are literally thousands of brands to choose from, making the decision process difficult, but increases your likelihood of finding one that works well for you.  Wrinkle creams and age defying serums generally work by providing the skin the long term treatment it needs to counteract the natural aging process.  By stimulating cellular growth, the skin can increase collagen and elastin production at the same time that it improves the skin’s ability to heal itself from the damages caused by the environment and poor lifestyle.  While this treatment is effective with consistent and prolonged use of wrinkle creams, it seldom provides results rapid enough to meet every consumer’s needs.  Patience and staying the course is essential if you should decide that wrinkle creams are you treatment of choice.

Topical dermal fillers on the other hand, can provide you with the short term results that many consumers are searching for.  The problem is, that there are so few topical dermal fillers that actually work.  While there are many to choose from, most should really be categorized as wrinkle creams and not true dermal fillers.  The most effective topical dermal fillers use Metahylate Complex as an active ingredient, and should you choose to purchase one that does you can expect the following results.  The short term lifting of wrinkles, creases and fine lines.  Each application is literally like filling a wrinkle in. But the best topical dermal fillers will also provide you with all of the long term treatment of a wrinkle cream, without the need for patience.  It is a very fantastic option provided you choose the right product.  The catch with topical dermal fillers is just that, you have to find one that works and that can take time, money and patience.  Or find one with the active ingredient complex metahylate and you are sure to have found a winner.

While there is no true way for any one specialist to know which product is best for you, you can certainly make the decision yourself.  Decide what your budget, tolerance for risk and what your expectations are for both results and time frame and choose a product from there.  No matter what you decide, make sure you are choosing a brand that has a reputation for high quality, advanced treatments and you will eventually get the results you desire.

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